Coaching and Workshops

Speech Coaching


Every speaker has a unique voice. I work with you to identity it, leverage your strengths, and focus your message for maximum impact.

Laser Speech coaching:

One hour session focused on exactly what you need to deliver an impactful presentation or speech. Our session will:

  • Tap into your unique gifts as a speaker
  • Focus and strengthen your message 
  • Emphasize techniques for greater impact
  • Leverage your strengths, speaking and listening styles to be powerful speaker

Expanded Coaching

Multi-session coaching package to focus on longer term results. Can be customized for 3 months to one year to focus on specific goals.      

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Unleash Your Strengths Workshop 


In this group workshop, we will:       

  • Explore the CliftonStrengths, indentify and leverage your TOP 5 strengths to enhance your success
  • Use your strengths to communicate with purpose and power
  • Recognize the strengths of others and work effectively with those strengths     

Power Presentation Workshop:     

Speech and presentation coaching in a group setting -- Bring your material, improve it, and enjoy the positive, facilitated feedback from a supportive group.      

This workshop is tailored to group needs followed by individual coaching for each member to focus on their presentation skills and speaking.

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CliftonStrengths Coaching


Unlock your potential and succeed in every facet of life.      

With the CliftonStrengths assessment, I work with you to:


  • Leverage your talents to achieve your greatest success.
  • Speak and lead from your unique power center to achieve your highest purpose   

      Our session will:    


  • Unlock the power of your TOP 5 strengths and leverage them to achieve your highest purpose
  • Effectively use your supporting and lesser strengths to enhance your success.
  • Use your strengths to communicate with purpose and power

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What Clients are Saying

I was recently thrust into a leadership role in my organization. I always knew I had  innate leadership qualities beneath the surface. Working with Konyka, helped me to identify,  customize, and prioritize my strongest qualities to help me reach my full potential as a leader.

- Nakia, Associate Director of Finance

"Working with Konyka was like a miracle for me...She tapped into what was already within me, helped me focus on my purpose and to speak from my soul.           

I followed our strategy and gave a great presentation, that the audience loved. I will be giving this presentation to build my business!"          

- Patricia, Real Estate Agent