Workshops, Keynotes, and Talks

Take Flight with DISC!


Unleash your power of conversation with DISC! 

DISC offers a powerful, clear cut strategy to empower you to communicate with purpose and to effectively manage conflict 


In this workshop, we will: 

  • Learn the 4 DISC styles and get indepth actionable, insight on your communication style and preferences 
  • Understand other styles and how to best communicate with them
  • Overcome common communication conflicts between styles 
  • Use your power of DISC to speak with purpose, collaborate, and drive results 


  • Can be customized 1/2 day or day-long sessions and for retreats
  • Interactive format is great for teambuilding 

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Unlocking the Power of Conversation


Conversation has the power to transfrom work cultures, improve relationships, and enhance leadership success.

The "Power of Conversation" program can be customized as a keynote, informative talk, or workshop to meet the needs of your organization.    


Program topics: 

  • Speak with Purpose - impactful conversation strategies using the Conscious Communication Framekwork
  • Women's Voices in Pioneering Leadership  - the power of conversation through the lens of pioneeering women leaders 
  • Conversations that Move Mountains - the power of conversation to transform and inpsire postive change

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Personify Leadership


The Personify Leadership workshop equips you to develop the conscious mindset of a leader, strengthen your leadership skills and enhance your effectiveness and impact.  


  • Ideal for new, emerging, front line and mid-level leaders who want to strengthen their leadership skills 
  • Group format strengthens teambuilding 
  • Experiential components allow you connect insight and experience for lasting change
  • Can be customized for the optimum schedule to fit your timeframe 


  • Learn techniques and walk away with tools to apply to everyday scenarios
  • Ongoing mobile coaching keeps you focused on areas of growth

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